California Vehicle emissions ruling sets up clash with Trump Administration & EPA

In a landmark ruling, legislators in California have upheld requirements for vehicles sold in the state to meet the stricter emissions regulations proposed under the Obama  administration.  Those regulations, which were set to impose stricter requirements for carbon emissions, fuel economy and to  boost increased sales of zero emissions vehicles were put on hold by the new Trump administration following lobbying by leading automakers who were keen to avoid having to meet the stricter emissions targets – Automotive News reports click here for details

UN experts denounce ‘myth’ pesticides are necessary to feed the world

The idea that pesticides are essential to feed a fast-growing global population is a myth, according to UN food and pollution experts.

A new report, being presented to the UN human rights council on Wednesday, is severely critical of the global corporations that manufacture pesticides, accusing them of the “systematic denial of harms”, “aggressive, unethical marketing tactics” and heavy lobbying of governments which has “obstructed reforms and paralysed global pesticide restrictions”.

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