Friends of Peterborough’s Green Back Yard Project launched the campaign to save the site today.

The Green Back Yard project was set up on a long-disused allotment space in central Peterborough, historically what remained of the ancient Rams Fair Meadow. The site is now under threat of residential building development as part of the City Council’s ongoing plans and the tenure of the site is now uncertain.

The award winning project has been developed under the capable leadership of father and daughter team Renny & Sophie Antonelli. The previously disused site has been transformed into a thriving urban garden and is a centre for a diverse range of community activities from arts and music events, green skills training courses to martial arts  – mostly conducted on a voluntary basis  by many hundreds of local people.   The award winning site is a unique and precious community asset which the people of Peterborough need to remain in its current location.

Visit the campaign’s facebook  page  or download a post card here to print and send to the council to show your support for the Green Back Yard.

Or sign at  The Petition Site

Film about The Green Back Yard Peterborough

A film made recently by Daryl Mulvihill about the Green Back Yard has been released online

The site is currently leased from Peterborough City Council, who now have plans to redevelop the land, resulting in the loss of a unique and valuable community asset right in the heart of the UK’s Environment Capital.

Please check out the Green Back Yard’s website for the latest information



Bio-fuel project car at the Peterborough Green Festival 2012

Pyrois Biofuel Project Car
1959 Chevrolet Impala Biofuel Car
The car attracted plenty of interest…
Some gave it more attention than others…!

The Pyrois Technologies Project car – a unique classic 1959 Chevrolet Impala that is being modified to run on bio-fuels was unveiled at the launch of the Peterborough Green Festival as part of the Peterborough In Transition initiative, raising awareness of peak oil and climate change and the need to find alternative renewable and sustainable fuels for the future.

The car has been upgraded to run on a Biobutanol/gasoline blend and is in the process of being modified to allow use of clean-burning Bioethanol fuel.

Bob Hodgson, of Pyrois Tech, said “We were thrilled to be part of the Green Festival Launch, and were especially encouraged by the positive comments we had from the general public. It has helped raise the profile of the environmental issues behind climate change and peak oil and some of the solutions, which we are actively trying to solve here in Peterborough, the UK’s Environment Capital. We will also be displaying the car at the Peterborough In Transition Launch Celebration which is being held at the Green Back Yard , Peterborough on Saturday 9th June.”