RSA launches food and farming inquiry on the impact of BREXIT

With the UK relying heavily on imported food from the EU,  RSA  gets in on the act and launches its own food and farming inquiry into  the potential impacts of BREXIT – the Guardian reports

The UK’s food insecurity is nothing new with its large and increasing urban population. Historically relying on imports from its global empire  – and  imperiled  by the U-boat threats in both WW1 & 2 – it now relies on ‘just in time’ deliveries  from Europe  for much of its fresh produce, sourced from industrial scale growers for example  those in Spain, Holland and Italy. With near total reliance on road transport distribution ,  any disruption to the large fleet of  heavy goods vehicles and ships plying their trade across the English Channel  will have rapid and possibly dire consequences, whilst those farmers in the UK still growing are already having problems with their largely EU  sourced labour.