Freak Storm Frank hits the UK…

New Freakish Weather Patterns Concordant With Human-Forced Climate Change

As the latest winter storm “Frank” hits the UK, causing unprecendented flooding, hurricane force winds batter Iceland and unseasonable hot weather reaches the Arctic ! For the lowdown on the storm system  check out robertscribbler’s blog click here

Duality in climate science

On the duality of climate scientists:
… how integrated assessment models are hard-wired to deliver politically palatable outcomes – Dr Kevin Anderson  writes in Nature Geoscience :-

The commentary demonstrates the endemic bias prevalent amongst many of those developing emission scenarios to severely underplay the scale of the 2°C mitigation challenge. In several important respects the modelling community is self-censoring its research to conform to the dominant political and economic paradigm. Moreover, there is a widespread reluctance of many within the climate change community to speak out against unsupported assertions that an evolution of ‘business as usual’ is compatible with the IPCC’s 2°C carbon budgets. With specific reference to energy, this analysis concludes that even a slim chance of “keeping below” a 2°C rise, now demands a revolution in how we both consume and produce energy. Such a rapid and deep transition will have profound implications for the framing of contemporary society and is far removed from the rhetoric of green growth that increasingly dominates the climate change agenda    read the full  article on his website – click  here